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The No Brainer Listing Package ™ was developed as part of the Accredited Senior Agent designation program. This package is given to each of the graduates of the program as part of their tuition.

It has taken almost one full year to develop the package. It was not just whipped off. There were four distinct testing groups involved.

The first group consisted of 5 Realtors, two of which had limited computer knowledge and three veterans. They were given the presentation in our boardroom and then given a package to test.

The next groups were sent the packages for review and they were selected at random. I am active on Plaxo, one of the better social networks for business ( and through this network; agents in different parts of North America were given the program to review.

At this time, it has been tested and reviewed by about 40 Realtors. Some were computer inept, some had basic skills and some were wiz’s.

Through their efforts the package was refined and tweaked.

Thanks to these 40 Realtors, we can present this package to you today.

Please, it would be a pleasure to link with you on Plaxo as well.

All the best and enjoy the efforts of so many.

Barry Lebow