Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to open, edit, and print the listing packages?

You will need to have MS Word version 2000 or higher or MS PowerPoint version 2000 or higher on a PC computer (Sorry, we cannot guarantee that the package will work on MAC computers). In order to use this package you or your assistant should also have at least basic MS Word or PowerPoint knowledge since we are unable to provide you with help on how to use Word or PowerPoint software. Click here to see if you have the right versions of software to use the listing package. Click here for training modules for both MS word and PowerPoint.

What is the refund policy?

Sorry, software is traditionally not a refundable product. If there is a technical problem, please allow us to solve or replace your download.

Where do I order and how will I receive my order?

You can click here to order. You will receive your order instantly by way of a download page good for 24 hours. Please note, you MUST download within 24 hours or the link will expire.

What do I get with my order?

- The PowerPoint Presentation, Pre-listing package
- Power Point Presentation Listing Package
- Microsoft Word Pre-listing package
- Microsoft Word Listing package
- Notes under each slide
- Basic overview of the program

Are there discounts?

Sorry, at this low introductory offer price we cannot go any lower.

Can I use the presentation on a laptop?

Yes, the PowerPoint package was expressly made for laptop use

Can I print the PowerPoint for a hard copy presentation?

You don’t have to (but can if you wish). We have created the same presentations in Microsoft Word for you to print.

Can I customize the package?

Absolutely. The beauty of the two presentations is that you can use them as they are, with customizing for a particular client or if you have an existing presentation you can merge parts of the No Brainer Package with yours. Make it the best of both worlds.

What about my Logo?

You can easily insert any .JPEG logo into the presentation. The same way you would insert a picture.

What about photos?

Cut or copy and simply paste any photo into a page (.jpeg or .tiff formats) You can insert a picture from your file by clicking “insert” on the top menu and choosing from file. Find the file, select it and click insert in the dialogue box. Caution, taking a photo off of a web page may not produce the highest quality for printing.

Is the package compatible with MAC?

We cannot guarantee that these presentations will work on other similar programs for MAC.

Is the package compatible / suitable for emailing?

Absolutely... Simply email the presentation(s) to prospects / clients as an attachment - just as you would any file.

Is the package compatible / suitable for CD/DVD distribution for my client?

Absolutely. You can burn the presentation to a CD or DVD using your burning software as you would any file.

Can I download / use the package on more than one computer?

Yes... You can download your order and use the presentations on any computer(s) that you use - for example your home computer, laptop and office computer. Note: this is copyright material so it may only be used by you or your assistant.

Are there parts of the presentation to view?

You can view some slides of the presentation in the demo seen by clicking here.

Why is the listing package very similar to the pre-listing?

Because the pre-listing is an introduction, an overview. The listing builds on what they have seen and you expand on it as you explain the variables to the clients during the presentation. You are on familiar ground, they have viewed the basics of the presentation, you now give them the details.

I don’t want that photo on the front page.

It is a sample of what you can add. Simply put your cursor on the photo, right click and hit Delete. Now you can insert your own photo.

How do I contact someone with questions?

You can contact us here via our "contact page". Please carefully check this FAQ page first to make sure that your question is not already answered before you contact us.