How my listing package can help you.

Today, getting a listing is not enough.


You need the proper presentation package to take a well-priced listing.


No matter where you are, no matter what your local market, a listing priced right is a listing that will sell.


The reasons to use my listing package are simple:


1) You need two presentation packages. Is yours a sophisticated presentation for your analytical client? Do you have another one for more bottom line/Type A personalities or for the no-nonsense type clients?


2) If you are not getting from 70% to almost 100% listings from your current presentation you are wasting your time and money! This package was developed after consulting with 100's of top producers across North America. My kit contains both Pre-Listing and Listing templates, and is completely flexible, so you can change the colours, photos, logos and any other items in them to fully customize the package to your needs.


3) The package is fully compatible with both Microsoft Word versions 2000 and up and Powerpoint versions 2000 and up on PC computers (Sorry, we cannot guarantee that the package will work on MAC computers). Not sure if you have the right versions of software? Click here to open the Word & Powerpoint test-files to see if you do.


4) Already have a pre-listing/Listing Package? You can merge the best of yours with the best of The No Brainer Package to create a sensational custom presentation.


5) All the foundation work is already done for you. You just add your logo, photos, and data and that's it!